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NYC SWIM - Kenn Lichtenwalter


Kenn Lichtenwalter

Hometown: New York, New York
Gender: Male

About Kenn

My first open water swim event was Race for the River in 2003. From that point on I've been hooked on open water, particularly around NYC. It is just a great experience to exit a subway, jump off a pier and navigate the city waters, never knowing what to expect. Always looking forward to the next event!

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Swim History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/30/159:27:0728.5 M  
Governors Island Swim06/22/1439:262.0 M21 
Great Hudson River Swim05/24/1429:351.6 M31 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/20/142:58:077.5 M103 
Ederle Swim08/18/13Withdrawn17.5 M  
Governors Island Swim07/21/1344:312.0 M80 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/21/13Did Not Show10.2 K  
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/08/13Boat Assisted28.5 M  
Governors Island Swim07/28/1249:202.0 M75 
Great Hudson River Swim05/26/1237:431.6 M84 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/22/122:18:3910.2 K109 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim07/30/1120:441 K44 
Great Hudson River Swim05/28/1133:351.6 M108 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/111:41:1410 K96 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/11/1018:461 K67 
Governors Island Swim08/01/1044:422.0 M41 
Great Hudson River Swim05/29/1039:291.3 M24 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/25/101:40:4210 K102 
Park to Park Swim06/19/1046:412.0 M46 
Stars & Stripes Swim07/10/1026:281.5 K17 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/12/0914:411 K36 
Governors Island Swim09/04/0952:032.0 M41 
Great Hudson River Swim05/23/0929:591.3 M16 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/26/092:10:245.85 M63 
Park to Park Swim06/14/0958:252.0 M35 
Stars & Stripes Swim07/18/0918:111.5 K15 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/06/08Event Canceled1 K  
Governors Island Swim06/29/0843:032.0 M45 
Great Hudson River Swim05/24/08Event Canceled1.5 K  
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/13/081:18:215.85 M70 
Park to Park Swim06/15/08Non-Timed Event1.0 M  
Stars & Stripes Swim07/13/08Did Not Start1.5 K  
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/08/0717:261 K24 
Governors Island Swim06/29/0745:372.0 M41 
Great Hudson River Swim05/27/0728:191.5 K19 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim08/25/071:32:495.85 M43 
Park to Park Swim06/10/0728:331.0 M34 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/09/0623:411 K30 
Governors Island Swim07/29/0649:162.0 M33 
Great Hudson River Swim05/28/0623:131.5 K22 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim08/26/062:03:425.85 M51 
Park to Park Swim06/17/0629:011.0 M22 
Race for the River Swim07/23/0644:432.4 M22 
Governors Island Swim06/25/0542:472.0 M31 
Great Hudson River Swim05/29/0527:401.3 M11 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim08/20/051:44:515.85 M55 
Park to Park Swim07/31/0525:561.0 M35 
Race for the River Swim07/16/0545:192.4 M30 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/18/04Canceled-Ivan7.8 M  
Park to Park Swim08/01/0431:051.0 M30 
Race for the River Swim07/17/0450:552.4 M51 
Great Hudson River 2.8 Mile Swim08/23/0350:522.8 M37 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/20/03Canceled-Isabel7.8 M  
Park to Park Swim08/03/0344:541.0 M27 
Race for the River Swim07/20/0347:112.4 M49 

Relay History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

1-HR Max. Distance Pool Swim20141:00:004045 YNAApprovedPostalPOOL
Triple Dip09/27/143:51:3610 K15ApprovedBrooklynOWS
8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)06/25/147:05:5518.1 M3ApprovedGeorge Washington VerraOWS
2 Bridges05/31/141:30:545 K14ApprovedPoughkeepsieOWS
2 Bridges06/01/131:31:305 K14ApprovedPoughkeepsieOWS
Boston Light08/18/123:36:588 M11ApprovedBostonOWS
2 Bridges06/02/121:28:175 K27ApprovedPoughkeepsieOWS
Montauk Ocean Swim Challenge07/23/111:18:002 M26ApprovedMontauk (Ditch Plains BeaOWS
Nubble Light Challenge07/09/111:21:142.4 M73ApprovedYorkOWS
Grimaldo's Mile08/09/0933:261 M45ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Grimaldo's Mile08/05/0726:371 M35ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Cap 2K05/07/0634:492 K36ApprovedAustinOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/12/052:27:464.4 M423ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Cap 2K05/21/0533:392 K30ApprovedAustinOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/13/042:59:094.4 M489ApprovedAnnapolisOWS

User-Provided Event History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Rose Pitonof Swim08/09/145:03:0017 M3ApprovedNew YorkOWS

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