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NYC SWIM - David Smith


David Smith

Hometown: San Diego, California
Gender: Male

About David

David Smith is 44 year old mechanical engineer from San Diego Ca. He started his competitive swimming career at Troy High School in Fullerton California in 1980. The 200 and 500 yard events were his specialty. He went to California State University Pomona, which does not offer a swim program, so his swimming career was put on hold while a cyclist emerged. Racing first at the collegiate level, and then up through the ranks of amateur cycling he competed at nationals and Olympic Trials completions. Returning to college for a master’s degree put cycling on hold. Marriage and travel kept him away from swimming until 2000 when he started his comeback. Late that summer he did his first open water swim. A few masters swim meets followed, but David quickly learned the ocean was what he liked and did best at. He slowly worked his way up from 1 mile ocean swims to the 3 mile “Gatorman” in La Jolla Cove. At the time, 3 miles seemed like an extreme event. Training swims got longer, and he competed in the 5 mile Tour of Buoys in La Jolla Ca. His finish times were 2:04 in 2002 and 2:06 in 2003. With the birth of his son early in 2003, swimming was relegated to a lower priority for a couple years, and began to pick up again in 2007. That year he dropped his 5 mile time down to 1:54 placing 9th out of 72 swimmers. In 2008, he joined the Mission Valley YMCA masters program. This masters group is a magnet for channel swimmers in the San Diego area. It isn’t uncommon to have six people who have either swam Catalina or England or both in the pool for the 6:30 am workout. Needless to say it wasn’t long before David caught the channel crossing bug. In 2009 he made the commitment to swim Catalina. His organizational skills and methodical nature led to a very structured training plan. Swimming without a wetsuit through the winter in San Diego’s La Jolla cove brought cold water tolerance. Once a month was a long swim starting with 4 hours in December, and increasing up to 8 hours in early June. The other weekends were either shorter, “Back to Back” training swims or recovery weekends. With his consistent training efforts in the bank, on July 7th of this year he swam the Catalina Channel in a respectable 9:22. He also later competed in and won the solo division in the La Jolla’s 10 mile benefit swim, and won his age group in the 5 mile Tour of Buoys. When he is not swimming, working, or riding bikes with his son, he lives aboard his sailboat in Mission Bay with his wife, son, and dog.

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Swim History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/18/118:03:4528.5 M9Agreed to Fundraise Ovarian Cancer Reasearch Fund ($3,251.67)
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Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Annual Ten Mile Relay09/26/103:49:5210 M1ApprovedSan DiegoOWS
Tour of Buoys08/01/101:56:365 M5ApprovedSan DiegoOWS
Catalina Channel07/07/109:22:2420 MSApprovedSan PedroOWS
Pier to La Jolla Cove Swim06/19/1038:561.5 M14ApprovedSan DiegoOWS
Tour of Buoys08/05/071:54:355 M9ApprovedSan DiegoOWS
La Jolla Rough Water Swim09/08/021:09:513 M35ApprovedSan DiegoOWS
La Jolla Rough Water Swim09/09/011:15:053 M68ApprovedViewSan DiegoOWS
Alcatraz Sharkfest07/29/0139:191.5 M108ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS
La Jolla Rough Water Swim09/10/001:13:063 M68ApprovedViewSan DiegoOWS

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