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NYC SWIM - Terrence Laughlin


Terrence Laughlin

Hometown: New Paltz, New York
Gender: Male

About Terrence

Founder and Head Coach of Total Immersion Swimming

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Swim History

Relay History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Betsy Ownes Memorial Lake Swim08/11/1250:212 M11ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
Greenwich Island Beach08/04/121:02:282 M10ApprovedGreenwichOWS
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/29/1222:071 M4ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
Grimaldo's Mile07/22/1228:121 M14ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Open Water Cable Championships08/13/1151:172 M43ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
Open Water National Championship08/06/111:35:295 K53ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/30/1131:531 M22ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
Open Water Swimming Festival09/05/0915:323 M14ApprovedMiddleburyOWS
Betsy Ownes Memorial Lake Swim08/15/0948:462 M28ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
Open Water Cable Championships07/16/0545:402 M2ApprovedOWS
Fran Schnarr Memorial07/10/051:34:115 K4ApprovedHuntingtonOWS
Greenwich Island Beach08/14/0449:322 M8ApprovedGreenwichOWS
Ken Killian Ocean Swim08/07/0419:551 M15ApprovedQueensOWS
Betsy Ownes Memorial Lake Swim07/15/0449:202 M1ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
One Hour Postal Championship20041:00:004400 YNAApprovedPostalPOOL
Point Lookout Ocean Mile08/23/0316:591 M12ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
Greenwich Point07/19/0322:301 M24ApprovedGreenwichOWS
Fran Schnarr Memorial07/13/032:18:225 K13ApprovedHuntingtonOWS
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/13/0231:011 M20ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
Greenwich Point07/14/0125:531 M48ApprovedGreenwichOWS
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/15/009:211 M23ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/24/9926:001 M23ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS
Point Lookout Ocean Mile07/18/9820:271 M8ApprovedPoint LookoutOWS

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Articles and Press Releases

Hard-Core Open-Water Swimmers Race Around Manhattan06/26/02Articleactive.comNan KappelerNot even race instructions warning swimmers of areas with "whirlpool-like conditions hazardous to ev
MEET THE SWIMMERS - 21st MANHATTAN ISLAND MARATHON SWIM06/18/02Press Release  NEW YORK, NY, June 18, 2002 --The 14 individual and 36 relay team swimmers in the 21st annual Manhat
UNOFFICIAL RACE RESULTS06/23/02Press Release  New York, N.Y., June 23, 2002 -- Emily Watts, a 34-year old mother and accomplished open-water swimm
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