Courtney Paulk

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
Gender: Female

Swim Enrollments - No Swim Enrollment records to display.

Swim History

Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/20/142:56:527.5 M98 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/21/132:06:0010.2 K124 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/23/129:29:2928.5 M Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree and Society for Melanoma Resesarch ($4,135.00)
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Ederle Swim10/01/117:58:3117.5 M15 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/18/118:59:1928.5 M30Agreed to Fundraise Leukemia & Lymphoma Society ($4,837.50)
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Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/25/101:45:5910 K138 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/26/092:21:395.85 M105 

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Catalina Channel09/10/1311:50:3620 MSApprovedViewSan PedroOWS
English Channel (CSA)08/10/1214:04:0421 MSApprovedViewDoverOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/10/122:34:114.4 M450ApprovedViewAnnapolisOWS
2 Bridges06/02/121:39:535 K37ApprovedPoughkeepsieOWS
Boston Light08/13/114:11:208 M15ApprovedBostonOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/12/112:41:204.4 M380ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Boston Light08/14/103:44:388 M15ApprovedBostonOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/13/102:29:454.4 M447ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Potomac River Swim06/05/104:52:007.5 M32ApprovedPotomacOWS
Jack King Ocean Swim06/21/0941:441 M75ApprovedVirginia BeachOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/14/092:57:334.4 M459ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Potomac River Swim05/30/095:35:007.5 M21ApprovedPotomacOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/08/082:32:144.4 M388ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Potomac River Swim05/31/081:30:093 M20ApprovedPotomacOWS
Betsy Ownes Memorial Lake Swim08/18/0758:102 M73ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
Chris Greene Lake07/07/071:01:162 M60ApprovedCharlottesvilleOWS
Jack King Ocean Swim06/17/0726:281 M59ApprovedVirginia BeachOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/10/072:23:094.4 M473ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/11/062:54:074.4 M513ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/12/052:45:494.4 M537ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/13/042:32:324.4 M391ApprovedAnnapolisOWS
Chesapeake Bay Swim06/08/032:49:234.4 M436ApprovedAnnapolisOWS

Volunteer Enrollments - No Volunteer Enrollment records to display.

Volunteer History

Articles and Press Releases - No Article records to display.

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Photographer: Paulk, Courtney, 08/14/2010
Uploaded: Paulk, Courtney, 09/27/2010
Start of Boston Light
Users: Paulk, Courtney
Photographer: Paulk, Courtney, 08/14/2010
Uploaded: Paulk, Courtney, 09/27/2010
Boston Light approaching finish.
Users: Paulk, Courtney
Photographer: Paulk, Courtney, 08/14/2010
Uploaded: Paulk, Courtney, 09/27/2010
Boston Light
Users: Paulk, Courtney
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