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NYC SWIM - Reade Otto-Moudry


Reade Otto-Moudry

Hometown: Ithaca, New York
Gender: Male

About Reade

I am a 17-year old twelth grader at Ithaca High School in Ithaca, New York. I learned to swim because my parents wouldn't let me take sailing lessons until I was a strong swimmer. When I was 7 and had finished lessons at the Y, I joined Lansing Community Aquatics Team (LCATS). Currently, I swim 15 -20 hours a week with LCATS, where I also help coach the youngest swimmers. I started open water swimming, and specifically swimming with NYC Swim, in 2009 at the suggestion of my friends Maeve and Maureen Russell. When I am not swimming, I go to Ithaca High School, where I especially enjoy science, literature, math and music. I play the French horn and piano, and I also love to watercolor and sketch. I live in Ithaca, NY, a small upstate city at the southern edge of Cayuga Lake, in a house filled with hundreds of books and six remarkable SPCA cats. I love music, animals, books, carbohydrates, and all things aquatic. Although I got sidetracked from sailing to a full-body water experience, I did learn to sail, kayak and canoe, and am certified as a waterfront lifeguard through the Red Cross.

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Swim History

Ederle Swim08/18/134:40:0117.5 M1 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/21/13Withdrawn10.2 K  
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/08/13Withdrawn28.5 M Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree ($75.00)
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Ederle Swim08/18/124:34:1017.5 M1Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree ($50.00)
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Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/22/121:58:3010.2 K9 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/23/127:52:0828.5 M  
Ederle Swim10/01/115:36:0417.5 M2Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree ($505.00)
       See Donors
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/111:31:0510 K14 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/24/1117:231.2 K4 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/11/1016:341 K9 
Governors Island Swim08/01/1040:242.0 M6 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/25/101:28:4810 K16 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/25/1016:491.2 K3 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/12/0913:151 K12 
Governors Island Swim09/04/0945:252.0 M9 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/26/091:54:155.85 M10 

Relay History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

Purple Swim Bud Beatty08/04/1325:211 M1ApprovedBaltimoreOWS
Purple Swim Bud Beatty08/04/1345:272 M1ApprovedBaltimoreOWS
Niagara LSC Championship08/11/121:11:395 K3ApprovedLansingOWS
Kingdom Swim07/07/124:20:3610 M6ApprovedNewportOWS
Whitney Point Open Water Swim06/17/121:13:265 K7ApprovedWhitney PointOWS
Lake Willoughby Swim08/20/111:53:394.8 M2ApprovedLake WilloughbyOWS
Purple Swim Bud Beatty08/07/1123:591 M1ApprovedBaltimoreOWS
Purple Swim Bud Beatty08/07/1149:002 M3ApprovedBaltimoreOWS
Kingdom Swim07/09/114:41:0710 M4ApprovedNewportOWS
Whitney Point Open Water Swim06/19/111:19:215 K9ApprovedWhitney PointOWS
Eastern Zone OW Championships08/15/1044:263 K16ApprovedNational HarborOWS
Sawbellies Open Water Swim07/17/1046:562 M4ApprovedCanandaiguaOWS
Whitney Point Open Water Swim06/20/101:13:295 K12ApprovedWhitney PointOWS
Whitney Point Open Water Swim06/27/0943:203 K2ApprovedWhitney PointOWS

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Volunteer History

Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/22/12ApprovedPost-Event Pier 40 Unload 
Manhattan Island Relays08/04/12ApprovedBoat Observer: Mile High to Uptown in a Speedo 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/11ApprovedPost-Event Wrap up 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/24/11ApprovedSwimmer Check-in 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/24/11ApprovedPost-Event Wrap up 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/25/10ApprovedPost-Event Wrap up 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/11/10ApprovedPost-Event Wrap up 
Governors Island Swim08/01/10ApprovedPost-Event Wrap up 

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