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NYC SWIM - Bridgette Hobart


Bridgette Hobart

Hometown: Lake Hopatcong , New Jersey
Gender: Female

Swim Enrollments - No Swim Enrollment records to display.

Swim History

Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/21/131:54:0810.2 K37 
Governors Island Swim07/28/12Withdrawn2.0 M  
Great Hudson River Swim05/26/1236:091.6 M53 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/22/122:10:4610.2 K63 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/23/128:50:4928.5 M Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree ($5,398.94)
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Statue of Liberty Swim06/29/1220:461.2 K45 
Ederle Swim10/01/116:44:2317.5 M9Agreed to Fundraise SwimFree ($100.00)
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Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/111:38:3910 K77 
Governors Island Swim08/01/1042:522.0 M30 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/12/0914:211 K29 
Governors Island Swim09/04/0952:012.0 M39 

Relay History

Manhattan Island Relays
  HOW Global (4p)
08/10/138:59:5928.5 M Agreed to Fundraise Hands on the World (HOW) Global ($1,620.00)
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Manhattan Island Relays +1
  SWIM, Inc. (4p)
07/16/119:08:3828.5 M Agreed to Fundraise SWIM, Inc. ($240.00)
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Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

English Channel (CSA)09/18/1413:28:0021 MSApprovedDoverOWS
Tampa Bay Frogman01/19/141:27:205 K60ApprovedTampa bayOWS
Alcatraz Swim with the Centurion09/28/1340:081.3 M93ApprovedSan FranciscoOWS
Cape Circumnavigation Challenge09/14/136:36:5615.1 M8ApprovedCape MayOWS
Catalina Channel10/03/1211:27:1620 MSApprovedSan PedroOWS
2 Bridges06/02/121:24:365 K23ApprovedPoughkeepsieOWS
Lake Hopatcong09/10/111:03:102 M13ApprovedLake HopatcongOWS
Open Water National Championship08/06/111:31:235 K45ApprovedConey IslandOWS
Open Water National Championship06/11/113:12:1810 K26ApprovedFt MyersOWS
Tampa Bay Marathon Swim04/23/1111:51:0024 M11ApprovedTampa BayOWS
Bermuda Round the Sound10/17/102:53:2410 K33ApprovedHarrington ParishOWS
Lake Hopatcong09/12/1024:101 M15ApprovedLake HopatcongOWS
Around Key West06/26/105:16:0212.5 M14ApprovedKey WestOWS
Nav-e-sink or Swim05/30/1055:192.4 M59ApprovedRumsonOWS
Bermuda Round the Sound10/18/093:16:5110 K31ApprovedHarrington ParishOWS
Betsy Ownes Memorial Lake Swim08/15/0950:152 M39ApprovedLake PlacidOWS
Open Water National Championship07/11/0958:312 M32ApprovedCanandaiguaOWS
Nav-e-sink or Swim06/07/091:00:072.4 M76ApprovedRumsonOWS
Bermuda Round the Sound10/19/083:34:1510 K30ApprovedHarrington ParishOWS
Grimaldo's Mile08/17/0830:161 M33ApprovedConey IslandOWS

Volunteer Enrollments - No Volunteer Enrollment records to display.

Volunteer History

Manhattan Island Marathon Swim08/01/15ApprovedBoat Observer: Nathaniel Dean 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim08/01/15ApprovedBoat Loading 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/14/14ApprovedBoat Observer: Sergio Salomone 
Ederle Swim08/18/13ApprovedBoat Observer: Roger Finch 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/08/13ApprovedBoat Observer: Lisa Delaurentis 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/22/12ApprovedSwimmer Check-in 
Ederle Swim08/18/12ApprovedBoat Observer: Steve Faulkner 
Ederle Swim08/18/12ApprovedStart 
Manhattan Island Relays08/04/12ApprovedBoat Observer: Portsmouth Northsea 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/29/12ApprovedSwimmer Check-in 
Great Hudson River Swim05/26/12ApprovedSwimmer Check-in 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/24/11ApprovedSwimmer Check-in 
Manhattan Island Relays +107/16/11ApprovedSwimmer Check-in 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/24/11ApprovedPre-Race Hospitality 
Statue of Liberty Swim06/24/11ApprovedBoat Loading 

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