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NYC SWIM - John Humenik


John Humenik

Hometown: Eighty Four, PA
Gender: Male

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Swim History

Relay History

Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)07/12/118:12:0019.8 M1ApprovedBear Mountain Bridge to TOWS
8 Bridges (multi-stage/days)07/11/115:28:4515.2 M1ApprovedBeacon-Newburgh Bridge toOWS

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Volunteer History

Stars & Stripes: Aquathlon and S07/26/14ApprovedSwim Free Angel 
Great Hudson River Swim05/24/14ApprovedSwim Free Angel 
Ederle Swim08/18/13ApprovedBoat Observer: Arthur Apgar 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/08/13ApprovedPre-Race Swimmer Technical Meeting Registration 
Great Hudson River Swim05/25/13ApprovedSwim Free Angel 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/22/12ApprovedSwim Free Angel 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/23/12ApprovedPre-Race Swimmer Technical Meeting Registration 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/18/11ApprovedPre-Race Swimmer Technical Meeting Registration 
Governors Island Swim08/01/10ApprovedSwim Free Angel 
Park to Park Swim06/19/10ApprovedFinish 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/12/10ApprovedPre-Race Swimmer Technical Meeting Registration 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/26/09ApprovedStart 
Park to Park Swim06/14/09ApprovedStart/Finish 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim06/06/09ApprovedBoat Observer: Michael Renford 
Little Red Lighthouse Swim09/13/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Brooklyn Bridge Swim09/06/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Manhattan Island Marathon Swim07/05/08ApprovedBoat Observer: Michelle Macy 
Governors Island Swim06/29/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Park to Park Swim06/15/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Great Hudson River Swim05/24/08ApprovedStart/Finish 
Ederle Swim10/06/07ApprovedBoat Observer: Gilles Chalandon 
Stars & Stripes: Aquathlon and S07/15/07ApprovedPaddlers (Kayaks, Paddleboards and Surfskis) 

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