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Each year from May to October, NYC Swim organizes swimming events in the waters off of New York City and New Jersey.  Our premier contest is the annual 28.5-mile swim around Manhattan Island, an event that draws swimmers from around the boat and swimmers world and garners a great deal of press. NYC Swim also hosts an extensive series of shorter swim races; to learn more, please check out the full calendar on the right of our home page.

NYC Swim is extremely grateful to the boating community for its incredible support in enhancing the safety and success of our events.  Each year motorized boats piloted by experienced captains escort swimmers and provide assistance for the events. The work can be exhausting, but it is most certainly rewarding. Captains receive a stipend that easily covers any out-of-pocket fuel expenses. If you own a boat and are interested in signing up to help, please contact us or sign up below.

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Since 1993, NYC Swim has attracted well over 15,000 participants in more than 165 swimming races, thus helping to revive a local aquatic tradition that had been abandoned for nearly a century. Its mission is three-fold: hosting world-class open water events situated around New York City's most recognizable landmarks; supporting charities like Swim Free that aim to improve the health and well-being of children and adults through swimming; and creating stakeholders with a vested interest in the local waters.

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