4 Person Relay

    charybdis   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Otto-Moudry, Reade Relay AlternateM20Ithaca, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Greenwich Masters   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: Greenwich YWCA Aquatic Scholarship Fund Greenwich YWCA Aquatic Scholarship Fund  ($3,500.00) See Donors 
     Stroie, Viorel Relay AlternateM50Greenwich, Connecticut\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Jersey Girls   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: National Lung Cancer Partnership National Lung Cancer Partnership  ($2,605.00) See Donors 
     Bluhm, Sandy Relay AlternateF36Morristown, New Jersey\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Mermaids in Manhattan   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: CLIC Sargent CLIC Sargent  ($3,913.42) See Donors 
     Davis, Alex Relay AlternateF34London\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Queen Mary 4   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Turnbull-Brown, Elisabeth Relay AlternateF42New York, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Scarlet Begonias   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Needham, John Relay AlternateM61Scarsdale\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Squad Magellan   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Shu, Pauline Relay AlternateF41Brooklyn, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Swim for Richard   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: Saturdays in Motion Saturdays in Motion  ($3,845.00) See Donors 
     Lemongello, Rosanne Relay AlternateF52Basking Ridge, New Jersey\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Team Renegade   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Thornton, Cindy Relay AlternateF57Somers, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    10 Three Men and a Lady   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Bugay, Arthur Relay AlternateM51Philadelphia, Pennsylvania\img\icons\approved.gif  

    6 Person Relay - Corporate

    Rocke, JenniferF49BoulderApproved 

    6 Person Relay

    Mexswim   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Moreno Castagné, Andrea Relay AlternateF31Cordoba\img\icons\approved.gif  
     Sanchez, Marco Relay AlternateM50Orizaba\img\icons\approved.gif  
    The South End Sea Nymphs and Poseidon   \img\icons\approved.gif 
     Filley-Brown, Kathryn Relay AlternateF48Novato, California\img\icons\approved.gif  

    6 Person Relay (Category C) - Swim Free Fundraiser

    New York-Dallas-Phoenix Swim Free Team   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: Swim Free Swim Free  ($7,739.00) See Donors 
     Fisher, Steven Relay AlternateM52New Orleans , Louisiana\img\icons\approved.gif