4 Person Relay

    charybdis   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Otto-Moudry, Reade Relay AlternateM19Ithaca, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Greenwich Masters   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: Greenwich YWCA Aquatic Scholarship Fund Greenwich YWCA Aquatic Scholarship Fund  ($3,500.00) See Donors  Track Relay
     Stroie, Viorel Relay AlternateM49Greenwich, Connecticut\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Jersey Girls   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: National Lung Cancer Partnership National Lung Cancer Partnership  ($2,605.00) See Donors  Track Relay
     Bluhm, Sandy Relay AlternateF36Morristown, New Jersey\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Mermaids in Manhattan   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: CLIC Sargent CLIC Sargent  ($3,913.42) See Donors  Track Relay
     Davis, Alex Relay AlternateF33London\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Queen Mary 4   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Turnbull-Brown, Elisabeth Relay AlternateF41New York, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Scarlet Begonias   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Needham, John Relay AlternateM60scarsdale, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Squad Magellan   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Shu, Pauline Relay AlternateF41Brooklyn, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Swim for Richard   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: Saturdays in Motion Saturdays in Motion  ($3,845.00) See Donors  Track Relay
     Lemongello, Rosanne Relay AlternateF52Basking Ridge, New Jersey\img\icons\approved.gif  
    Team Renegade   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Thornton, Cindy Relay AlternateF56Somers, New York\img\icons\approved.gif  
    10 Three Men and a Lady   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Bugay, Arthur Relay AlternateM51Philadelphia, Pennsylvania\img\icons\approved.gif  

    6 Person Relay - Corporate

    Rocke, JenniferF48BoulderApproved 

    6 Person Relay

    Mexswim   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Moreno Castagné, Andrea Relay AlternateF31Cordoba\img\icons\approved.gif  
     Sanchez, Marco Relay AlternateM49Orizaba\img\icons\approved.gif  
    The South End Sea Nymphs and Poseidon   \img\icons\approved.gif Track Relay
     Filley-Brown, Kathryn Relay AlternateF47Novato, California\img\icons\approved.gif  

    6 Person Relay (Category C) - Swim Free Fundraiser

    New York-Dallas-Phoenix Swim Free Team   \img\icons\approved.gifRaising Funds for: Swim Free Swim Free  ($7,739.00) See Donors  Track Relay
     Fisher, Steven Relay AlternateM52New Orleans , Louisiana\img\icons\approved.gif