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    Application Procedures and Policies for the 2013 Manhattan Island Marathon Swim are now available here.

    This June event is limited to solo, 2-person relays and 3-person Team Pursuit teams. Swimmers interested in forming 4- and 6-person relays should go to the Manhattan Island Relays event page for information.

    For those of you interested in getting a paddlers perspective on MIMS, we invite you to read a piece about paddling for MIMS written by Richard Clifford, a veteran of more than a dozen Manhattan Island circumnavigations and numerous other paddling adventures.

    Date:06/23/2012 (Saturday) 
    Distance:28.5 M 
    10:20 AM Battery Park City - South Cove 
    Directions to Start: courtesy of
      NYC Swim
    Battery Park City - South Cove 
    Directions to Finish: courtesy of
      NYC Swim
    Time Limit:9:30 hours 
    Field Size:Up to 40 solo & up to 7 2-person relays and/or 3-person Team Pursuit teams
    (6 Currently Enrolled - Enrollment Closed) 
    Fees: Solo Swimmer $1,885
    2-person Relay $2,100
    3-person Team Pursuit $2,400
    Corporate Relays $7,500

    Note: The race fee includes the boat fee, which is based on a fuel price estimate of $2.65 per gallon. If fuel prices at the time of the swim are higher than that base amount, a fuel surcharge will be assessed. The most recent fuel surchages were in 2011 ($165) and 2008 ($165).

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 1:00 pm EDT - EARLY registration opens only for: Frequent Participant solo and relay/team applicants (up to 3 slots for solo and 3 slots for relays and/or teams)
    Corporate Relay/Team applicants (5 slots)
    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 at 1:00 pm EDT - EARLY registration opens only for: Solo Swimmers (3 slots); 2-person relay and/or 3-person Team Pursuit team (1 slot) fundraising for Swim Free
    Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm EDT - GENERAL registration opens for: Solo swimmers (up to 40 slots)
    Open 2-person Relays and/or 3-person Team Pursuit Teams (up to 7 slots)
    Enrollment for the 4- and 6-person Manhattan Island Relays will open at 1:00 p.m. EDT on November 21 for frequent participant and Swim Free fundraising slots and for general enrollment on December 1.

    Awards:Swimmers will be competing once again for a place on the Gallagher Cup, a beautifully crafted trophy from Tiffany's.

    Male & Female Solo - Top 5 Overall
    2 Person Relay - Top 1 Overall
    3 Person Team Pursuit - Top 1 Overall
    2 Person Corporate Relay - Top 1 Overall

    Each successful swimmer & relay/team will receive completion awards. 
    Age Requirement:19 years and over (Younger swimmers may be accepted based on swimming experience). 
    Experience Requirement:Qualification requirements for solo swimmers, 2-person Relays and 3-person Team Pursuit Teams are located here
    Predicted Water Conditions:Seasonal Temperature 68/77F (20/25C). There can be a substantial amount of chop in the water from wind, tide action, and boat traffic. The waterways are salt water and there is shipping traffic. There may be random jetsam and flotsam in the waterways. 
    Previous Year's Water Temp:70.52 °F (21.4 °C) on 06/23/2011
    76.10 °F (24.5 °C) on 06/23/2010
    69.80 °F (21.0 °C) on 06/23/2009
    69.44 °F (20.8 °C) on 06/23/2008
    68.72 °F (20.4 °C) on 06/23/2007 

    2012 MAN.Swim VIDEO



    Amy Bolger


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    Sandy Hook (07/30/2014 4:54 PM)
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    Central Park (07/30/2014 )
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