2015 Enrollment Announcement

    If you are interested in applying for a Manhattan Island Swim slot, please click here to launch the application.

    Applications are reviewed on a first submitted AND completed basis. Circumnavigation swim slots and dates will be assigned on a rolling basis.  

    For an application to be evaluated for either a solo swim or the August race, the applicant must post provide the following:

    1)       a documented 1 HR Max Distance swim (Download 1 HR Maximum Distance template) and

    2)       a documented open water experience resume (Swim History (Non-NYCSWIM Events)

    Application Procedures

    Since the paradigm for the Manhattan Swim has materially changed, we have not formerly revised and updated the online Application Procedures.

    You may wish to review the instructions from 2014 (click here) for guidance on your application. Other than the 1 HR Max Distance swim requirement, the 2014 application procedures cover all of the items needed as you contemplate applying for a Manhattan Island slot.


    Prior to the enrollments going live, we hosted four webinars to answer prospective applicant's questions. We recommend that you watch BOTH of the webinars listed below, as they should address the majority of your questions.

    Webinar One (how the swims will be organized) Click Here

    Webinar Two (how the application works) Click Here

    General Timeline

    By January 15, 2015 Manhattan Enrollments will close

    By January 30, 2015 - 1 HR Max Distance swim Due Date (if needed)

    (1 HR Maximum Distance template)

    By March 15, 2015 Date assignments should be completed

    May 15, 2014 - 4 hr Qualifying Swim Due Date (if needed)

    (Qualifying swim log template)

    May 15, 2014- Medical Form Due Date (if needed)

    (Medical form template)

    Qualifying Swim Water Temp Requirements

    Only swims assigned in May, June, and September will have maximum water temperature requirements for their qualifying swims.  

    Brooklyn Bridge Swim: A Beautiful Day for a Swim

    BB Video

    Little Red Lighthouse Swim: 10+ km of Smiles

    Little Red Lighthouse Video
    What a great Saturday on the water! With La Marina as the new finish location and the perfect weather, it was a wonderful way to wrap up 2012.

    Ederle Swim: Swimming with Greatness

    Ederle Video

    Liberty Island Swim: A Singular Event

    LI Video

    Manhattan Island Swim: One Camera, One Boat

    MIMS 2012 Boat Video

    Brooklyn Bridge Swim 2012: Swimming to Manhattan

    BB Video

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    About Us

    Since its founding two decades ago, NYC Swim has attracted nearly 20,000 participants to more than 135 swimming races, reviving a local aquatic tradition that had been abandoned for nearly a century. Its premier events showcase many of the sights that make New York famous:  the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan Island, Brooklyn Bridge, and Governors Island. In 2013, NYC Swim will host over a dozen events including a multi-sport race and swims ranging from a fun half-mile to four marathon swims, among them the centennial Ederle Swim (formerly the Tribune Marathon Swim).


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